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SEO, top tips for SEO.

I was chatting to someone this morning and he said “the trouble is SEO now is almost a dirty word, up there with double glazing salesmen and estate agents” well thanks a lot to that!!

Though I do appreciate what he said, for far to long people have bought into quick fix techniques, and guess what? Google’s got wise, and this is no bad thing. Too many owners of websites just want to sell sell sell, which is all fine and dandy, but Google wants to enhance the user experience, so you need to put this at the forefront of your mind, when designing and thinking of the SEO of your site.

When Google looks at SEO, it expects you the owner to have included great interesting content, for it to load quick, look great on a mobile smart phone, and of course you need to give the search engines a helping hand to make sure you are found.

So here goes my quick and I believe top tips for great SEO.

Top SEO Tip number 1

You need to blog!!

Blogging (I know your time is precious) but this is a great way to tell the search engines that your business is passionate about what it does. Make sure you have a blogging page on your website. Think about your customers concerns, how you can help, you’d be surprised at how many topics you can cover. Remember nobody knows your business better than you so become that expert in that field.

If you haven’t got the time to do this, then message me in the comments below, as there are now many companies you can outsource this too, and i can point you in the right direction. (though its always best done yourself).

Top tip SEO number 2… don’t be anti Social

Using social media can greatly enhance your presence online, it’s great for SEO how?? Think about it, you have just written this great blog, and now you can point people to it via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn in an instant. Google then looks now at social signals, how people are talking about your business, and engaging with your website.

Top SEO tip number 3…get your titles right!

When designing your website, don’t title your pages by your company name, those that know you will find you online anyway. Instead think about your main products or services, include them in the main title of your sites code (if you have a WordPress site this is quite easy for you to do). But its also important that the content of your site is reflected in the title and vice versa, dont for example say “banana seller” then talk nothing but apples in the content!

Top SEO tip number 4…find friends in high places!

Link building has been largely misused in the past, and Google can penalise your site for having lots of bad “friends” or links as they are normally called. But having good websites that link back to you can still do you favours. The key is relevancy, and there are some great tools out there to find great sites (friends) that would like to link to your site. Remember when I talked about content? Well this is your reward! Great sites want to link back to great sites with engaging up to date content, and you would probably like to do the same!

Top SEO tip number 5…have realistic expectations..your time verses budget..

Building up sustainable SEO growth takes time and patience, if you haven’t got either then you need to look outside, so now your into budget territory. Be in little doubt nothings for free, we spend an average of at least 20 hours a month doing offsite SEO work for clients. If you think you can do it for a handful of hours a month, its likely not to work and will be a waste of time and money. A lot of businesses are now up against others that have in house SEO and social media marketing departments, they spend a lot of time on engagement and creating content.


The days of designing a half decent website and expecting the phone to ring are long gone. The internet has evolved.. it actually wont stop! There are many more things I could bang on about, but the above are absolutely critical. Off course you could dismiss all this and simply embark on a pay per click campaign (if you have a decent budget), I will talk about how to run a successful PPC SEO campaign in another blog.

Happy marketing!