Outsource SEO
The benefits of outsourcing SEO a balanced view

Want to outsource SEO?

I have been doing search engine optimisation now for almost 15 years, and never a month goes by without some search engine (usually Google) deciding to change the listings goalposts again, so in effect even the professionals are always trying to play catch up!

So first of all why not do the SEO yourself? If you have the time (lots of it) and you really have a passion and an interest in the subject, I’d say go for it! Just don’t expect fast results and prepare for frustration, and sometimes luck, yes sometimes there simply isn’t any rhyme or reason why a poorly designed website ranks better than yours.

What you will find is that a poorly designed website with very weak SEO can also disappear into the ether as quick as it arrived.

So if you want to give SEO a bash yourself first rather than outsource we have put together some great useful tools that you need to get familiar with, do some keyword analyses, find out how your competition ranks and audit your website, and see how it ranks right now on the keywords that matter to you.

We have a really easy simply program to help you and its FREE simply click here to get the ball rolling. It will give you all hints and tips that will help to get the SEO on your site as perfect as can be.

So you’ve done all that and now think should I simply Outsource SEO instead?

Well obviously as an SEO company we’d say use us, but what are the tangible benefits to a business website wanting to outsource SEO?

Well here are my top 5 reasons why to outsource SEO

Reason 5

Experience, your buying into years of training and understanding into how SEO can benefit your website, we understand all the latest Google updates, from Penguin to Panda, who knows whats next we are betting Google calls the next one Gandolf! But one things for certain if you outsource SEO, this isn’t your worry, its ours. See the link here on the latest Google update.

Reason 4

You will save money, and make some! By deciding to outsource your SEO your banking on an SEO company to turn your investment into strong results, set up KPI (key performance indicators) this is really simple, when you start your campaign with us your can log in to check your overall website visibility score across all websites measured against your chosen keywords. Check out the detailed reports here.

Reason 3

Having the correct tools for the job, you wouldn’t let a plumber in the house with just a hack saw to mend a broken pipe! So by being here for 15 years we have the best researched software available that can make sure your website hits the ground running. We’ve been there many times so in the Olympic race to get your website noticed your halfway round the track ahead of the competition from the gun firing off! Check this great article on the best SEO software out there by clicking here! But then again you only have to worry about this one if deciding to do the SEO yourself.

Reason 2

An understanding how social media now plays an important role in SEO as well, how much does your organisation know about this topic? How often should you blog, tweet and post to Facebook, LinkedIn. Have you sussed out Google Plus and Places? Have you got enough information to make sure you always have great engaging content. I have found a good article here that goes into this subject in a little more depth Social Media Is Critical to your SEO .

Reason 1

The reasons to outsource your SEO are in no particular order, so another that immediately springs to mind is that without getting too techy and talking about bounce rates, conversions and A and B testing etc. Is that you are buying into a experienced network of people, never a day goes by without me speaking to our account managers at Google or Bing, the many marketing advisory panels we belong to on LinkedIn, or our contacts at Twitter and Facebook.

So there you have it, there are lots more reasons, but I don’t really want to bog you down! Ok so we have a vested interest, but I would say that vested interest is in making sure your website succeeds, and that’s really what our business is all about!