I want more visitors to my website
Doesn’t everybody wish they had more visitors to their website?

The key here though is relevant traffic, don’t get hung up on big sexy numbers, there is little point, if you have a business website it’s ultra important.

Imagine you had a real high street shop and you sold children’s toys, but everyone came in to look for tins of beans, or car radios, you would be pretty cheesed off very quickly. Recent Google changes and indeed most search engines these days are designed to weed these kind of dodgy searches out.


A badly designed website and poorly executed SEO strategy can really bring about very poor search results for your site, or bring in those big visitor numbers and the till wont be ringing.

So how can you be sure that your website can hit the ground running, and when you say “I want more visitors to my website” it actually will deliver the right kind of results.

Believe it or not Google is on your side, it wants to enrich the user experience, to make sure it displays the best results possible for an array of relevant phrases that will make sure your site is found.

So here’s my 5 point plan to make sure your site is found, using distinct and relevant phrases and keywords.

Number 5…Check out your competition

We use great competitor spy software, that can drill into your competitors sites software and find out why they rank so well on the keywords you would like to use as well. We find out how many great links, (and bad ones they have), how much social media they do, the PPC campaigns they have, even down to the copy they use in any campaigns.

Number 4… We audit your website

Our software completes a thorough audit of your site, we then manually go through all the content to make sure its relevant and up to date, making sure you titles and html are good to go.

Number 3…We tell the world you exist

We manually submit your site to all the UK’s search engines, and by country if your a multinational.

Number 2…Let social media know

These days social media is incredibly important in growing awareness of your site, we help by setting these up properly or by tidying up existing social media platforms so that they perform better. We can even take care of all the social media, or we can hand over to you our very easy to use social media management control panel, I will talk about the benefits of this in more detail in a future blog.

Number 1…Article writing and blogging

These are great for engaging your potential customers, and we can help you to achieve this as well, together with ethical link building practices, that makes sure good authoritative sites link back to you. We post your content on business listings sites as well all designed to generate a real buzz around your website.

Oh and I nearly forgot…pay per click campaigns!

If you want more visitors to your website within hours then this is the way to go..but be weary and use professional people (such as us :)) , or if you do want to go it alone enlist Google’s help in doing so. Done well it really pays, done badly and you lose a small fortune!


We’d be delighted to help you out in all of the above, with the top 5 tips results don’t happen overnight, but search engines for a number of years now want to see you put the effort in, it shows you care and are passionate about your business. Search engines take the attitude if you don’t show much interest in you site then why should they?

And really that’s what most Google updates are about, they believe the use experience is greatly enhanced by websites that engage, and keep the user on page, (don’t worry I will also talk about bounce rates in another future article).

Hope you find all of the above useful, if you check out our website www.placeyoursite.co.uk there’s loads more info on there can can really answer your screaming question “I want more visitors to my website” although I hope now your screaming “I want more RELEVANT visitors to my website.”