Google’s Matt Cutts explains how they rank websites without links

Matt states that it’s quite difficult to rank web pages without backlinks and that Google falls back to the way search engines ranked pages before links were important in that case.

Which just goes to prove it’s only a part of the jigsaw in the overall SEO of your site!

Google analyses the content of the web page to determine the relevance of the page for particular keywords. The frequency of a keyword on the page and the places in which the keyword appears can be an indicator of the relevance of the page for that keyword.

You can view the full video here:

What are your views on backlinks?

We at still think that only relevant backlinks are important, also go for quality over quantity.

A big no no never, and I mean never go and buy backlinks, we will post in future a bigger article on the important of these and the tools that will make it easier to go about this task.