Google Panda 4
Google Panda 4 update

At Placeyoursite we like to stay on top of things, so we’ve got some important news about the latest Google Panda 4.0 update.

Google’s Matt Cutts announced Panda 4.0 on Twitter yesterday. Once again this means a lot of search results were changed. It ended up being quite a big update with some major websites dropping significantly.

We are currently working hard to fully analyse what changed in this update, like most updates the results at best can be a bit disjointed, and we think this update has as many misses as it has hits, some sites that benefited from it are not exactly great sites either! This means that we’ll probably see a couple of updates in the next few days and weeks to “fix” what was broken, even though Google will never call it that.

There are more hints right now that seem to point at other impending updates, we’ll keep you up to date. If you see your website’s traffic suddenly take a tumble, at least you now know the reason.

Our SEO Profiler has also been updated

All our clients can log in at anytime and check their current keywords by search engine to see if and what changes the Panda 4 update has done to a clients individual rankings.

The software will also audit your site this weekend with the results to view on Monday morning so you will know what changes you need to make in order to either maintain or improve your Google rankings.
To access your reports please simply go to our SEO reports page then simply click on the my reports button.

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