Top tips for great SEO

I was chatting to someone this morning and he said “the trouble is SEO now is almost a dirty word, up there with double glazing salesmen and estate agents” well thanks a lot to that!!

Though I do appreciate what he said, for far to long people have bought into quick fix techniques, and […]

SEO Services Manchester

SEO Services Manchester

We are placeyoursite have been delivering SEO services in Manchester now for almost 15 years, and boy what changes we have seen.

Back then Google was pretty much in its infancy and most of our work were pay per click campaigns on MSN and Yahoo via Overture, remember those days??

Google was pretty much […]

How social media is good for SEO

How Social Media is Good for SEO

Once upon a time all you needed to do was build a decent site, and get a bunch of good sites to link back to you, ah but those days are very much in the past.

Now whilst I would say having good relevant sites linking back to […]

How can content be ranked on Google if there aren’t any links?

Google’s Matt Cutts explains how they rank websites without links
Matt states that it’s quite difficult to rank web pages without backlinks and that Google falls back to the way search engines ranked pages before links were important in that case.
Which just goes to prove it’s only a part of the jigsaw in the overall […]

I want more visitors to my website!

Doesn’t everybody wish they had more visitors to their website?

The key here though is relevant traffic, don’t get hung up on big sexy numbers, there is little point, if you have a business website it’s ultra important.

Imagine you had a real high street shop and you sold children’s toys, but everyone came in to […]

How not to market your startup

How Not to Market Your Startup

Great article we are re posting by NEIL PATEL on APRIL 21, 2010

Marketing your web-based business is never an easy thing to do. You’re bound to make a lot of mistakes and waste money on things that just don’t work.

Over the past 8 years, I have worked with dozens […]

Don’t be a slave to social media

Don’t be a slave to social media

Now our new website is up and running, its time to get social media buzzing about what we do, easy right? Well yes but also (if done well) can be very time consuming.

So how can we do this reasonably easy, maybe automate? So we can relax and get […]


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