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How social media is good for SEO

How Social Media is Good for SEO

Once upon a time all you needed to do was build a decent site, and get a bunch of good sites to link back to you, ah but those days are very much in the past.

Now whilst I would say having good relevant sites linking back to […]

Don’t be a slave to social media

Don’t be a slave to social media

Now our new website is up and running, its time to get social media buzzing about what we do, easy right? Well yes but also (if done well) can be very time consuming.

So how can we do this reasonably easy, maybe automate? So we can relax and get […]


Internet Marketing@placeyoursite our new site is live!

Well at long last our brand new website has finally gone live!

You’ve heard the story about the plumber? He always has leaking taps in his own house, trouble is he’s always fixing other peoples taps, he never gets the chance to do his own!

So the same was for our old website, here we […]


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